FIFA 17 Wishlist: Key Features to Expect

There is no doubt FIFA 17 will be launched this year. EA SPORTS has already confirmed three major areas to be upgraded in the forthcoming game. With the next game in the series almost guaranteed in June, there are some features you wish for that are still missing. Here is a feature wishlist that every gamer would love to see in FIFA 17.

A TV Channel in the game
-Sky Sports has introduced familiar faces like Alan Smith, Geoff Shreeves and Martin Tyler in the recent years and it’s time for EA SPORTS to move in the same line. FIFA 17 can be more realistic with the introduction of an in-game TV Channel that introduces you into the match, provides a brief analysis at half time and compressive highlights at full time. This could be a leap forward but the biggest challenge is the pre-recording lines that windbag the gamers quickly. However, the company can do even better by providing space for different versions of the lines.

A little more realism in time wasting
-Time wasting while playing the computer in career mode is far from real in FIFA 16 and preceding editions. It’s even worse when you are playing against a far much weaker team and you can’t get back the ball in the last 15 minutes of play. In fact, what you can do is play the ball out as you tackle. The frustration moment happens in real life football when a team is down and opponent players are out to waste time, but it far from real if tiny strikers consistently defy several muscular tackles.

FIFA 17: Features the Fans Want to See

You can’t deny that footballers’ tattoos are practically part of the football uniforms now, but players are almost baby-skinned in the latest FIFA games.

NBA 2K games embraced player ink in all their glory. It’s about time FIFA was a bit less prudish.

And of course, what would football be without a bit of drama? Could EA Sports take it all a step further and infuse the football sim with some real-world drama?

Serious injuries? Pitch invasions? Protests? Player scandals? Poor attendance for bottom of the league matches? Football really is a bit of a soap opera.

You could even have objects interrupt play. Fans, balloons, a stray cat, or even a streaker? That’s true to life right?

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FIFA 16 Tips: Play More Physical

Expert players use the manual tackle button (B button/circle button) to put more pressure on opponents that are in close proximity. Compared to FIFA 15, this feature has been made more useful when dealing with lightweight players. By tapping the button steadily, you will be able to avoid a foul. However, be sure to use this move with caution in the penalty box.

Getting up close and personal with the opponent is one way to prevent them from sending a through ball to a striker. This is because if the player with the ball is near another player, the accuracy of their crosses, shots, and passes are reduced.

This may not work at times, due to the difference in strength of some players. For example, a lightweight centerback might not be able to tussle and scrap with a player like Ibra. Keep in mind the strength of your players and how often you use this feature when defending.

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New Liverpool FC 2016/17 Home Kit on FIFA 17


Here is some good news that the official new Liverpool FC 2016/17 home kit has been designed for next season.

The real design has finally been unveiled after weeks of leaks and speculation. Of course, it’s also the kit which EA will put into FIFA 17 since they have the official license to use all home kits for every club for next season.

The home kit sports a new red and yellow theme with collarless design and a single button.

EA should be putting a brand new Jurgen Klopp manager card in FIFA 17 as well which should make a lot of you happy – it’s still inexcusable that this didn’t come mid-season in FIFA 16 though.

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BPL TOTS Official Shortlist Countdown for FIFA 16

As promised we now have the official BPL TOTS shortlist for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. We knew EA would be offering this via the Benchwarmers YouTube show and now we know the contenders for BPL TOTS Goalkeeper, Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards.

Remember that TOTS should start at 6PM on May 6, so we are just hours away. Without further ado though, here is the 43 man short list which EA will reduce down to 23 for the final TOTS squad.

TOTS Goalkeepers:


TOTS BPL Defenders:


TOTS BPL Midfielders:


TOTS BPL Forwards:


Remember that this is only a shortlist. While these are the official picks from EA, only 23 will be chosen.

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TOTW 33 Predictions for FIFA 16 before TOTS

We are back with some TOTW 33 predictions for you, with this week taking on added signficance due to the start of TOTS this coming Friday. As usual though, TOTW 33 is going to be your chance to get hold of some ultra rare cards.

If you get lucky inside packs of course. This week the big contenders are Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale who could both get in-form cards which are 90 rated.

Chelsea FC’s Eden Hazard has been missing all season, but with a good performance against Bournemouth EA could give him the nod ahead of Cesc Fabregas who already has in-form cards.

Check out the full projected TOTW 33 lineup predictions from FUTHead above, who are usually spot on with their picks. You may also be interested to see a Moreno SIF card for Liverpool FC which would be interesting.

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FIFA 16 Guide: Team Chemistry in FUT

Great team chemistry is essential to dominating FUT 16. Bring up your active roster and make note of the colored lines connecting players on the football pitch. These lines communicate how well two players mesh. A green line, for example, means the two players have outstanding chemistry. Meanwhile, players with similar skills but less chemistry are yellow. Lastly, a red line means terrible chemistry, and you should seek to avoid red as much as you can.

FUT measures player chemistry using different factors, such as nationalities, the league both players came from and the club they belong to. No chemistry will prove disastrous in a game, and you simply won’t win many matches featuring guys who don’t play nicely with each other; the motto of FIFA 16 is play beautiful, after all.

Don’t substitute the whole roster to achieve the best chemistry right away. Instead, use the player preview option, which shows what would happen to the roster if you subbed in a certain player.

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FIFA 16 News: Fans Ask Why PES Have Euro 2016 But FIFA Not

Though EA Sports has almost monopolized the online soccer gaming market, Pro Evolution Soccer consistently trumps FIFA in key areas. With the upcoming Euro 2016 only weeks away, Konami has utilized key licenses to offer a brand new Euro 2016 game this coming summer.

We have come to learn that Gareth Bale is the cover star for the Euro 2016 edition of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. That much we already knew, but now we get to see the Welsh forward doing his famous heart celebration on the front cover. The game will be released at retail for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on April 21, and it contains the full version of PES 2016 along with the content connected to the tournament taking this place summer.

Those that have the base game (on Xbox One and PC too) will already have the Euro content as it was released recently as a free download.

This is a far cry from FIFA fans globally, who are consistently snubbed, due to the lack of UEFA licenses. To date, EA has done little to remedy this issue, so will FIFA fans be switching to PES this summer?

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FIFA 16 TOTW 30 Features Lacazette, Hazard and Griezmann at Strike


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30 weeks of exciting jaw dropping soccer (football) and we just absolutely love it. Every week, EA Sports award players from different teams and league that were exceptional in their previous fixture by giving them an increase in stats.

This week’s TOTW features Pedro, Thorgan Hazard and Alexandre Lacazette just to name a few.

On Sunday, Lyon defeated Lorient 1-3 to move into third place, one point ahead of Stade Rennes and three points behind AS Monaco in second. Alexandre Lacazette scored a brace for Lyon to help secure the three points.

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TOTW 29 Predictions for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

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We are hours away from finding out the new TOTW 29 for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. This week is going to take on added interest though as EA will have to base their selections on performances in International friendlies.

That means the TOTW 29 predictions are going to be rather difficult to get right, unlike usual weeks when players would be able to simply take the best performances in the Premier League and around Europe and almost guarantee which cards will be available.

As a result, feast your eyes on the TOTW 29 predictions from FUTHead which are based on International friendlies.

Notable players include Real Madrid and Columbia star James Rodriguez, England’s Eric Dier, France’s Blaise Matuidi and Algerian pair Feghouli and Slimani.

There’s still some great cards on offer there if selected, but you’ll have to wait until Wednesday March 30 at 3PM for EA to reveal the lineup.

Let us know your predictions this week and if you would add any players to the list above. Come back on Wednesday and we will update this article with the official lineup.

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